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Macro PUBG

The Macro PUBG is a Script / macro created and professionally encoded to control your mouse while you are firing with a specific weapon. With this, you have total control of the spray and recoil of your weapon, with the perfect recoil you will not lose any bullets! These macros increase their accuracy and can aid you in achieving much more kills and consequently much more victory! This much faster! Become a pro at PUBG and dispute for rank whether on the ground, duo or Squad!
And better yet you have been able to accumulate up to 4x more Bonus Point and get much more bains and skins from the game, and if you sell them you will recover all the money invested in the macro easily!


Macro PUBG has a quick and easy startup, without the need to install additional programs to run it. Just open the executable and it will be working without any problems. Remembering that any doubt that is for the operation of the same, we have several tutorials and videos so you can use the macro without any complication!


Note that Macro PUBG does not access or manipulate the game or any playerunknown’s battlegrounds file, which makes it undetectable by any Anti-Cheat tool such as VAC, Battleye, or PUBG Replay Analysis Tools. With this you will have no danger of taking ban, restraint or any other type of punishment. REJECTING BAN RISK IS OF 0%


After many emails and messages with doubts from the streamers and youtubers also informed that the Macro PUBG does not leave any screen of display apparent or obligatory for operation, with this, you can stremar or record without fear of that your public sees the macro active, or denounce you. As previously reported, the ban risk is 0, after all you are a pro player of PUBG and for this your audience likes to watch you!


Our Macro spray-oriented PUBG and recoil contains scripts for use in FULLAUTO and SINGLE mode for various sights and distances, so you’re better prepared to create a favorable battlefield with many kills and victories in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.


After purchase the Macro PUBG download is immediate, without the need to contact or send email


Watch a video explaining how to activate, configure and use the macro!

(Only in Portuguese at the moment)

Veja como funciona o Macro PUBG


See also the trigger difference with the macro off / the macro on


Reviews (40)

  • manurossidls

    como pago si vivo en argentina

    • Macro PUBG

      Puedes pagar por MercadoPago!

  • bnosurlo

    ola, ja foi aprovado no email mais ainda nao liberou download

  • wheelockprata

    Boa tarde,

    Após a confirmação de pagamento, como faço o download?

  • evertonberaldo86

    Não estou conseguindo gerar boleto bancario. Pode me ajudar?

    • Macro PUBG

      Ótima tarde amigo!

      Tem 3 formas de gerar boleto:
      Direto pelo site
      Selecionando o MercadoPago
      Selecionando o Pagseguro.

      Basta vc clicar e adicionar seus dados verdadeiros.
      E pronto vc ja consegue gerar seu boleto

  • Khi (verified owner)

    I’ve brought macro PUBG. Will i always get free update?

    • Macro PUBG

      Yes! Update is free for 6 month!!!

  • 5 out of 5 RICEBURGER777

    When you try to pay in [Japan Web Money], it becomes payment_method. I only use this payment method. Help me!

    • Macro PUBG


      U can pay for paypal!

  • John

    Can i play this game in mobile phone?

    • Macro PUBG


      No, just PC or Xbox one

  • 5 out of 5 denzO (verified owner)

    Good job very decent macro..!!
    When update will come?and when will come how we will update it?:D

    • Macro PUBG

      We are already testing the new macro!
      And soon will be released!

  • :)

    may i know what is the difference between paid and free version?

    • Macro PUBG

      In Free version, u can use just two weapons.
      But in complet version u can use all weapons!

  • dunamis.diego

    comprei e nao recebi!

    • Macro PUBG

      Otimo dia amigo!

      Sua compra nao foi aceita pela operadora do seu cartão.
      Você poderia verificar oque houve, ou tentar utilizar outro cartão.

  • Maycon

    Estou interessado, mais gostaria de testar antes, tem como ??

  • 5 out of 5 tuktuk

    ainda tem a versão free para novos compradores testarem antes de comprar ?

  • Kho

    Can I pay with neteller?

    • Macro PUBG

      Yes! talk with facebook, for buyed

  • swathb2001 (verified owner)

    Hi Bro, when the newest update is coming?

    • Macro PUBG


      We are currently testing.
      Within 1 week will be released!

  • redwan1991 (verified owner)

    How do i get the upgrade for the new map and new guns ?

    • Macro PUBG

      We are currently testing.
      Within 1 week will be released!

  • ata

    hi is it still undetected and safe

    • Macro PUBG

      Yes hi is totaly safe!

  • 3 out of 5 matt.grob1 (verified owner)

    They are banning AHK scripts… Why are you saying this is 100% not bannable? Are you sure?

    • Macro PUBG

      yes! 100% safe!

  • John

    Does it still work as of December 21st // undetected ?

    • Macro PUBG

      Macro is working now!
      No ban risk!

  • woodyarc

    ban ??? and i want buy

    • Macro PUBG

      No risk Ban!

  • twentysixweasel

    Can’t buy over paysafe card

    • Macro PUBG


      Please sent a error for facebook. And try help u!

  • manhna

    can i get banned ?

    • Macro PUBG


      Totaly safe!

  • 5 out of 5 hanyuxu3360

    hello friend, is ur Marco still working? after those updates?

    • Macro PUBG

      YESSSS! Its Work!

  • rinka

    I bought it but it is displayed that there is nothing to download

  • yangr347

    already bought,but did not resigster, where to download

  • mauro

    what currently version ?

    • Macro PUBG

      1.9.1 – November 2017, the most updated in the web!

  • Simyeer

    Hey guys have one question

    Is this recoil works also with 2x, 4, or even with 8x time scope

    Thankyou for your anwser simyeer

  • Danilo castro

    Ola amigo mandei um email pra vc poderia responder Obrigado !

    • Macro PUBG

      Ja respondido amigo!

  • 4 out of 5 idamade

    can you help me? i already bought

    • Macro PUBG

      We already answered you in paypal friend!
      Sorry what happened

  • coldfire

    Compro é permanente ou só por um mes …

    • Macro PUBG

      Permanente amigo! fique tranquilo
      qql duvida nos contate pelo facebook que respondemos de imediato!

  • rebeca2310

    Onde é o download

  • steimback

    bom dia! comprei agora pouco e nao me levou ao download!
    como a gente resolve isso ?

    aguardo contato

  • Ricardo

    Gostaria de comprar,mas como faco pra converter de $ para R$?

    • Macro PUBG

      Ótima tarde amigo!
      Basta apenas adicionar pro e ir pro checkout, ele converte automaticamente, após setado Brasil no seu cadastro.

  • Mau696

    Boa tarde, eu sou da Europa vocês aceitam o € como forma de pagamento? E só da para pagar por paypal? Aguardo resposta pois estou realmente interessado…. obrigado

    • Macro PUBG

      Ótima tarde!
      Aceitamos qualquer moeda amigo!
      Mas se estiver tendo problemas, me fale seu pais, que adicionamos também a conversão automática pra ele!

  • 5 out of 5 maguyl177

    Muito bom o macro, facil de utilizar e configurar, logo na primeira partida eu ganhei solo com 9 kill, usando apenas ak, ela fico muito boa quando se consegue segurar o recoil, recomendo anotar em um papel os comandos dos atalhos de cada arma. ai vc deixa na sua mesa e assim vai decorando…

  • 5 out of 5 Bruce Max

    Functional! THX

  • Ann Jhonson

    It worked perfectly, thank you.

  • Max Shellder

    I bought and I liked it!

  • Robert F

    Can you help me?

    • Macro PUBG

      Sure! Check your email because we have already contacted you

  • 5 out of 5 Jhonny S


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